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Building a Blog Empire

As word of the fraud spread across the internet, additional data came to the fore, questioning the use of CBS news’ acquisition and handling of the documents. Within a week, other major news organizations began reporting on the controversy, within two weeks,


Who was this “New Media” that was knowledgeable enough about such arcane topics as superscripting and National Guard memo layouts to shake up one of the biggest news outfits in the world in a matter of weeks? It was a network of independent bloggers who posted their findings in real time, shared information and tested ideas. And their posts were followed closely by millions of readers, many of whom posted the findings on their own blogs for their own readers. As those readers shared the information with friends and colleagues, interest in the New Media, and the habit of readers looking for their news from independent sources, accelerated a climb that began when Matt Drudge reported rumors of what became the Monica Lewinski scandal several months before the Old Media whispered a word publicly about it.

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April 12, 2017

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Max Rapal


Akty Press,

Green Publishing


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