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Build Your eBay Business To Sell eBooks On eBay

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As you may know, eBay recently banned the sale of digitally downloadable products including eBooks very recently, so I have to start with a few questions about you if I may. (I hope you don’t mind).

Q. Are you a newbie to the information product sales business on eBay but do not know where to begin?

Q. Are you already (or were you) a digital items seller or Powerseller on eBay?

Q. Have you been burned by eBay’s recent change in policies regarding banning the sale of digital information products in normal listing formats?

Q. Were you making money and had a perfectly automated system in place before eBay pulled the plug on your business? 

If you answered “Yes” to ANY of the above… This page will be the biggest opportunity you may ever have the chance to cast your eyes over, I KNOW you hear this on most websites but this is an exception to the rule and is 100% true. 

And the good news is you can not only share a slice of this sweet pie but take the whole damn pie if you are ready to adapt right now and move forward – instead of curling up and dying!


You don’t know where to start? – You have been hit for six. You had an idea of where to begin, but eBay just confused you completely by ‘moving the goalposts’. You know that there’s big money to be made starting today – but you need to hold the hand of someone successful.
You feel lost about the whole idea? – Everyone giving you advice as if they are the experts. Who do you trust, listen to and invest in for your own success?
You don’t want to feel sick of learning? – You have been there and done that – you have followed the rest, and made no progress. You’re ready and willing to set up a profit pulling business info-product business right now.
Do you want to take the fast-track to success? – You sick of getting suckered by ebooks packed to the rafters with hype and B.S. You won’t do this, do that point and click guide to info product income so that you can grab the WHOLE eBay cash-pie NOW.

Look… The awesome news is, there is a solution.

Published Year

April 1, 2018

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Book format

Digital, Paperback


Max Rapal


Boks Press


Series 1


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