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The World Wide Web has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. Each day – with every hour and every minute – it is growing even bigger and increasingly complex. Anything and everything that you imagined is just a click away. Many of us can no longer imagine a life without it.


Indeed, already thousands of people already make their living from the World Wide Web. With the growth and spread of the internet, specialized techniques aimed at developing businesses on the web have also developed.

Despite all of the technological development, however, the basis of the global economy is still the same – buying and selling. For the producers to advertise and to make their wares available they need to market it.

Consumers also need a place where they can exchange their money for the goods and services they need. In the modern world, the primary marketplace is increasingly becoming the internet. ‘Internet marketing’ is the crux of all Internet-based businesses and is increasingly important for other businesses as well. There are few

September 18, 2018

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Ramesh Ratningsingh


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