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Become a Self Publisher

This book is dedicated to all the writers who know there is a book inside of them. One of the most amazing publishing experiences you can have is to hold a printed and bound copy of your own book for the first time. I hope this helps you find the right publisher for your book.



If you’ve been considering self-publishing for any length of time, your head probably feels like it’s about to explode. Between the books, the blogs, the publishing-related websites, and the opinions of writers, friends, enemies, frenemies, true publishing professionals, and people who hold themselves out as publishing gurus or divas, you may just want to throw your arms up in the air and scream.

The publishing world, as you probably know, is changing so rapidly it’s hard to keep up. has eclipsed Barnes & Noble as the largest retailer of books in the United States.1 Borders, Waldenbooks, and many iconic independent bookstores around the country (including Blue Elephant Book Shop in Decatur, Georgia; Robin’s Books in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Edgartown Books in Martha’s Vineyard) are now buried in the same literary graveyard2—and Barnes & Noble may be joining them, cutting its retail stores by one-third and planning to close twenty stores a year for the next ten years.3 Barnes & Noble still won’t sell titles published by Amazon,4 and both Walmart and Target have dumped Kindle faster than a crazy bachelorette gets sent home on The Bachelor.5 flow in which retailers are picking whose sides, and you’ve got the makings of a reality show that would put a Real Housewives cast to shame. And, just for fun, toss in the multibillion-dollar world of e-book

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2018, June 11

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Kukuvaia Publishing


Kukuvaia Publishing


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