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Afraid for Darkness



Afraid for Darkness was written mostly in the comfort of a small back yard, on a small deck belonging to a small house with 5 adults, 3 children and a fat cat occupying it. Oh- and the occasional blue heron who sat on top of the neighbor‟s roof, so he could scope out fish in their small pond and of course inspire me to keep writing.

I was 22 years old and had just graduated from university the previous year. I was unemployed and desperately looking for a job in my field of study (psychology) so my boyfriend and I could move out of his family‟s house and start our own wonderful life together. What I didn’t‟t know at the time is that our wonderful life had already begun. Being in that living situation not only encouraged me to try harder but it also gave me a great amount of strength as I was challenged in many different ways. I even fell in and out of mild depression on many occasions as guilt, and the feeling of uselessness overwhelmed me.

However, even though there has been a lot of down times in my life, I still was not the type to give up easily. One thing I have learned from my mother is that in order to purge those negative feelings all you have to do is reach for something you love and writing was and has always been something I love. I always wanted to write a novel that inspired others and besides looking for a job, I could‟t think of a better way to spend my time than to follow my dream. I asked myself many times “what can I write about?” and “who can I help?” and “how can I help them?” Being a young adult, I didn’t‟t feel confident I possessed the wisdom necessary to help others, so even though I wanted to write a non- fiction novel I steered away from it.

One day, I received inspiration for a story, which was eventually to become, Above the Darkness. The inspiration didn’t‟t bestow upon me as a fully formed idea, and it wasn’t‟tall neatly mapped out but at least I finally had a direction. Then, when I finally started writing, I could‟t stop and committed to it more than anything I ever have in my life. It became a need and a drive deep

within me as I knew it would have a special meaning not only for me but others as well. So even though there was no‟t much quiet time available in the small, crowded house I took advantage of what time I did have, when everyone else was away at work or school.

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June 2018

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Manuel Santon


Bary Stoneynoch


Series 1


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