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A Criminal was Born ” A True Story of a Good Boy “

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A true story of a Sicilian boy who aspired to become a powerful person and compete with the greats of the earth, he did not care how to become powerful and make a lot of money, as long as he could get to his goal ,,,,


After having endured the heat so atrocious and dry, I went to a bar in a small village near the sea in beautiful Sicily, to get something fresh to drink, a man of about 60/65 years saw me come in, and with his eyes like a police inspector was watching me all the time, he looked at me as he was looking for something recognizable…

I couldn’t take his eyes off me, I try to avoid any eye contact, I opened my notebook where I was writing to my next book and I tried to concentrate, but it wasn’t possible with those eyes on me all that time… Then I thought of moving to another table to the other side of the bar to have some peace and concentration, it was impossible for me to take off the man’s eyes…

I knew I had to be careful in Sicily and especially in small villages, when someone stared at you in the eye, is always better to avoid… After 10 minutes the man approaches my table without asking me a question he sits in the chair next to me, I was terrified……

I thought it was better not to say anything and wait for what he wanted to do, he looked me straight in my eyes, and with a very calm voice without a Sicilian accent, asked me….

Sir, can I ask you a question?

I looked at him with bated breath but very attentive to his every subsequent movement and I answered,
yes, of course… are you a journalist?
I replied, no I am not a journalist…the man replied,
because I see you write like a journalist… I smiled and answered, no, I am busy writing my next book, at that moment that man took a deep breath, and with a straight look into my eyes asked me, sir, I’d like to tell you my story if you only have 10 minutes, I’m sure you’d like it,
I replied, yes, of course, please,

I was so surprised on one side, and on the other intrigued to hear what the man has to tell…!

I answered, ok, please tell me your story.

The man put his hands on the table took a deep breath and began to talk about his past experience….

A young boy who grew up exactly in the same village, exactly where we were sitting, since he was a child, he dreamed of becoming a powerful, rich and respectable man, and for this reason, he moved 45 years ago to America to follow his dream.

He said, having lived in poverty, he didn’t care how and what to do to achieve his goals…
I was shocked to hear how a boy who had left that little Sicilian village, without any knowledge and experience, was able to become such a powerful person in America he met powerful drugs peoples like, Pablo Escobar, Quintero, and many corrupt politicians that really matter in American society.

After 10 minutes of listening to the story so true and wonderful,

I realized that I found the story of my next book,

A Criminal was Born.

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16 reviews for A Criminal was Born ” A True Story of a Good Boy “

  1. Bagg

    Great story

  2. Bassie

    I love this story

  3. Sandon

    This is really a true story I could see in the way is written, great book

  4. San

    What a person can do to follow his dream, very nice story

  5. Aramy

    Lovable story

  6. Janny

    Impressing story 🙂

  7. Aldo

    Great story full of surprise

  8. Jonathan

    The dream of this boy was so impressive and true,

  9. Ada

    This story made me stay stick to the book until the last page,

  10. Marlon

    Incredible that a boy can do so much to find himself where he left off,

  11. Janet

    Beautiful story and beautiful types of change from one country to another to find out even more to achieve the goal, excellent 🙂

  12. Paul

    Great story

  13. Ferrey

    Incredible as a boy from nowhere can reach those high society peaks

  14. Charles

    Nice book full of excitement and it makes you stick until you read it all

  15. Osvald

    What is possible in today’s world to make money,

  16. Amy

    I recommend it to those who love to read until late at night

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