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9 Out of 10 Of the Marketers make this mistakes

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9 Out of 10 Of the Marketers make this mistakes

Many try to be successful when in the end it is not so difficult, many marketers spend a lot of time learning all the strategies seen by the so-called net GURU on youtube or other channels, not knowing that in the end, you don’t learn absolutely anything, because they don’t actually show you the tricks of the business, and it is logical, but they invite you to buy their online training and make money, not you, there are very few marketers who know this job and keep it close, they don’t really want to spend time on youtube to show their knowledge or sell their courses, because they don’t need them, in fact when you earn up to 6 numbers a month you don’t need them, however in this book I want to let you know about the mistakes that many marketers make, maybe they don’t know the true type of how to exploit professional programs that greatly reduce your time and how you can dedicate yourself exclusively to the business, maybe you don’t know and don’t waste time on continuation you are doing piles.

Publishing Year

2018, 22 November

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Digital, Paperback


Marc Zelley


Kukuvaia Publishing


Series 1


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