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Discover the Real and Powerful You


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The Key will unlock every secret of your society. You will discover power without guns, richness without debt, spirituality without fanaticism, knowledge without diplomas and governance without insanity. The Key shows why there is abuse, ill health, poverty, unhappiness and who profits from this misery. The Key is literally the key to unlocking the reason your world seems on a collision course with catastrophe.After reading this incredible book, I guarantee you will understand the reason behind every strange new law your government creates. You will join the many thousands of people who understand the way the world works – who always wins, who loses and why. You will be able to influence political decisions, simply and effectively. You will discover the real and powerful you.

Published Year

June 22, 2018

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James Wanzin


Bary Stoneynoch,

Northfield Publishing


Series 1


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