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600 Chocolate Recipes

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Having a great passion for chocolate I wonder which peoples of different cultures and countries can prepare themselves with these recipes of unique ingredients to no longer think about the diet, and I am a lover of chocolate, so I thought to take a trip around the world to find the secrets of how to prepare recipes based on chocolate, I was also in Perugia in Italy at a chocolate fair and I must say that it was a unique experience, normally the fire takes place in department stores but in Perugia was in city squares, many private individuals were preparing dream recipes, a real masterpieces with refinement and knowledge of the most ancient and innovative methods. On the streets of Bangkok, I saw and tasted home-made products from farmers who sold these delicacies in combination with fresh exotic fruits and almonds wrapped in papaya leaves. In Japan they love chocolate so much that they include it in recipes with chicken and carrots and potatoes, I said to myself, I do not eat it but I taste it, finally ate it and I must say that I liked the recipe very much.
So we can not leave Holland, in this country the tradition of chocolate is the same as for Italy for spaghetti, chocolate is prepared in many recipes both cold and hot, broken pieces with bread, chocolate in Holland has a tradition for about 300 years where the fishermen ate to reinforce themselves during the long days at the sea.


In this book I report 600 recipes that I found all over the world, in many countries peoples prepare recipes that we never knew, but I have to say that I tried many recipes that looked horrible with flashy colors and strange combinations, but I was there to know, try and reporting in this book, I mentioned many recipes to prepare quickly and easily, I’m sure that some recipe in this book would be astonished to you, as they did to me, but believe me after having by tasted you will understand the combination, flavors and start to adore the delights of chocolate as gift of nature.


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3 reviews for 600 Chocolate Recipes

  1. Jasmin N.

    I love it 🙂

  2. Harald G.

    wonderful 🙂

  3. Eduard T.

    Great recipes and so different, thanks

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