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The Truth


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There comes a time when children learn to keep secrets. Whether this is a good or questionable thing will be determined by the very nature of the secret.

I remember my mother reading Milly-Molly-Mandy stories to my sister, I listen on the fringes of the couch– it was a girl‗s book–and wondering at the goodness of young Milly.

It confounded me that even in secret-keeping she validated her integrity, motivated to hide the truth in order to keep others ignorant of some kindness or pleasant thing she had prepared for them; never for naughty behavior, willed or otherwise. The thrill of surprising others with some benefit to them is most definitely a healthy and happy reason to keep a secret.

There is no fear or sadness attached, no grievous consequence when discovered.

However, this was not my childhood experience. For myself, and most children I’ve known, secrets were a symptom of fear; a calculated decision to conceal what, most assuredly, would invite miserable penalty if discovered.

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March 22, 2019

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Harriette Manutey


In Town,

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