Are the books digital?

Yes, the books are digital and downloadable directly after the purchasing,  readable from any device

Can I find the books also in another marketplace?

Is possible, we don’t know if our author publish their books also in another marketplace, but we are sure that many books in our marketplace are not published elsewhere, by contacting our authors we understood that the most sales of their books are coming from our marketplace

Are the price the same as other bookstore?

NO we publish all the book to different partners book store, but the price is 20/30% higher

I want a paperback is possible?

YES is possible, you can find the same book to welknow bookstore and choose for paperback.

I need more questions, how can I contact you?

You can easily contact one of our managers according to the category of your book, see below for our support managers.

Support Team

Category Manager Marketing
Category Manager Health
Category Manager Cooking & Loved
Category Manager Personal