The Cover of a Book is the first thing your potential reader sees

Why is the cover of a book so important within a Writer’s Marketing Plan? There must be some reason why some writers sell more books than their competitors. The secret: it is the cover to make the difference so that between two writers with the same capacity, one will sell millions of copies and the other will not reach the thousand sold.

What we can do;

  • Cover illustrated by qualified people
  • High resolution of 300 DPI
  • 3D images for teasers
  • Formats Jpg, Pdf, Png, Psd

Only 5 seconds are the most crucial  decision that the visitor spends looking for a book, and these 5 seconds of impact depend on the cover, creating a cover of a book is not a simple issue, you need to spend thousands of ways  in how and what image, title, colors, and all this must impress and intrigue the visitor to stop at your book among thousands of covers, the cover must be the first image that the eye catches, the title makes the brain reflect and these combinations must be well thought about it, we have professional graphic designers who take care every day to create covers even in 3D and we can guarantee professional work.

Plan      80 .    100 .    Professional

Price .  $30 .  $30 .       $ 15 " 50% off “

During the past year, we have created hundreds of covers for different categories, here some of our last work;

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