Are you an author who is frustrated and concerned about sales but don’t know what else you can do? we know that books don’t sell themselves and we are here to help you.

If you are one of the thousands of emerging authors who have had the experience of self publishing your book in the big booksore in the midst of millions of books, and you’ve waited so in vain without having that little illusion of having sold at least 10 books, well, then we are what you are looking for, and we explain why?

Our aim is, to bring you as author closer to the readers

Only 5 Categories

After long market research, we realized that it is almost impossible to promote all types of categories, it would compete with large bookstores such as Amazon, Lulu, Kobo, Barnes & Noble etc, and this is not our intention, that’s why we chose only 5 categories,

  • Personal
  • Loved
  • Health
  • Recipes
  • Digital Marketing

Our Service

We work with professional writer and authors and they will check your book for simple and complex errors,,
Only 5 seconds need the visitors to be convinced to stop at your book, is the most crucial moment that the visitor spends searching for a book,,,,
To reach readers from other countries, it is better to translate your book in other languages to reach a wide audience and have more
A 30-second video to attract readers' visibility, a video is the most commercial tool with the high performance in today social business
With only self-publishing, you cannot get a lot of sales, it requires a lot of marketing professional activities such as cover design, video creation












Traveling and writing recipes from all over the world and becoming my life, I have published books in various marketplaces and even here from Anafnosi to see and know other readers, I am satisfied with the visualizations and sales.
Cristina Deligi
if you write books, you invest a lot of time and efforts and all this has to be repaid if not, then is only loose of time and energy, my books are published in different marketplaces by anafnosi I got sales and a lot of views
Alani Sumui
I'm not a professional writer but I love my fitness activity and many of my students have convinced me to write books, I published by Amazon but without result among millions of books now I'm satisfied with the sale here by anafnosi
Asia Belmon

The benefits of publishing your book with Anafnosi

A page entirely dedicated to your book so the visitor can know you and see the book details;

  • Front and back cover,
  • Read a few pages,
  • Book pages,
  • Year of publication,
  • Links to all your social networks to increase followers,
  • About the author included photos
  • Reviews

All those info give the reader the possibility to get to know the book better, the author and make your book more personal and give it an extra gear for sale

Anafnosi is partners of the Global Distribution program and we can connect your book to English Speaking  Channels all over the world mainly in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, you can take advantage of Global Distribution channels in China, Germany, India, Italy, Poland, Russia, and South Korea and present your book in the hands of readers all over the world.

This program gives you access to the major players in global online book distribution.

We’ve focused our ebook distribution to the 25+ retailers.

  • 24Symbols  
  • 7Switch  
  • Amazon*  
  • Apple**  
  • Baker & Taylor Blio  
  • Barnes & Noble Nook   
  • Bookmate 
  • Booktopia  
  • EBSCO 
  • Feedbooks Retail
  • Follett 
  • Gardners 
  • Glose
  • Hummingbird DM 
  • iFlipd  
  • ITSI Education UK 
  • Kobo 
  • Libreka
  • Libri  
  • LIX
  • RedShelf (Virdocs)
  • Rethink Books 
  • Rockstand  
  • SpoonRead
  • Txtr
  • Vida Global Library
  • Vida Global Retail 
  • Wook 
  • Zola Books

*If you have provided any ebooks to Amazon for the Kindle in the past 12 months we will not be able to provide service to Kindle through our program.

**If you currently have ebook content available on Apple, you will need to remove those ebooks from the iBook store prior to uploading those same titles.

Sales Statistics on your Private Page


You can see at any time the full report of

  • How many time the book has been view
  • Which books
  • Which period, Day, Week, Month, Year
  • Earned sales commissions

Marc Nicole Maila Lily
Category Manager Category Manager Category Manager Category Manager
Digital & Marketing Health Cooking & Love Personal
For each category, we have a dedicated account manager for all your question and support,
  Insert a book    
  Covers Creation    
  Book creation    
  Technical questions    
  Other questions    

Plan 80 Plan 100 Professional
Unlimited publication Unlimited publication Unlimited publication
Receive 80% of the sales generated from Anafnosi.com Receive 100% of the sales generated from Anafnosi.com Receive 100% of the sales generated from Anafnosi.com
  The purchase of the book from Anafnosi.com will be finalized to your personal PayPal account The purchase of the book from Anafnosi.com will be finalized to your personal PayPal account
  Book presentation to our facebook page Book presentation to our facebook page
  Book promotion to 7.500.000 Facebook group readers  Book promotion to 7.500.000 Facebook  group readers
  Book presentation on " BOOK OF THE WEEK " on Home Page Book presentation on " BOOK OF THE WEEK " on Home Page
  Author introduction to our 22.400 subscribers by email Author introduction to our 22.400 subscribers by email
  Author introduction to the Home Page Author introduction to the Home Page
  10.000 targeted vistors traffic to your book or website

50.000 targeted vistors traffic to your book or website

    50% off for your book COVER

50% off for Video creation " for your youtube promotion “

    Video Promotion
    Author Website
    Publishing to Global Distribution Program
Valid 1 year Valid 1 year Valid 1 year


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I have a really busy life, because my life is my passion in training peoples and see the result they have achieved, and this is what I love, writing, publishing is not my filed, so better leave up to professionals
Raymon Stege
From my first book that has not been of great impact with the readers I wanted to give up but then I continued and published only on small platforms having a great response in sales. anafnosi introduced me to another audience of readers
Nasya Sengola
Cooking is my passion and I have followed the trends to write and publish my books here on anafnosi which did everything, from cover to proofreading, I don't have the time and ability to manage a book, let me cook instead

Are you ready to publish your book

Get the answers to your questions

How the marketing activities are performed?

Besides the normal presence in the various social channels, our technicians work daily to update the categories and books in the directories of many countries, plus we do direct marketing campaigns once a week to all our 22.400 and more members where we invite them to visit anafnosi new books

I'm an author how can I publish my book?

You are an author and you have written a book in the following categories, Personal, Loved, Health, Marketing or Recipes, then you are welcome to publish your book with us., click here to start publishing

I would like a professional cover for my book, is possible that you create it?

Yes, we have collaborations with digital experts designers where we created many covers for different authors, contact our manager for more info

How can I publish my book?

After complete the membership we will review your subscription, you will receive an email confirmation from us and from this moment you can publish your book, just follow the steps, our manager will always check all the publication if is everything is correct.

Why some books have different publisher?

From our experience we have seen that every market is different, and every publisher knows better the own market, so we use different publishers to have a better promotion and generate more sales.

How much can I ask for selling my book?

The price for selling your book depends on many factors, covers, story, niche, page count etc, keep in mind that we sell digital books and the price of digital books are not too high, we can only give you an advice if we first see your book.

I need more questions, how can I contact you?

You can easily contact one of our managers according to the category of your book, Click here.