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Screen Type:
Display Size:
Support Type:
Resolution Ratio:
Supports Recording Function:
Product Interface:
3.5mm Headphone Jack, Micro USB
Screen Material:
Operating System:
Display Color:
Black Write
Model Number:
Cell Capacity:
Supporting Language:
English, Russian,  Spanis, Ind ish, Italian, dish, Portuguese, T
Turkish, Italian, German, Chinese, French, Japanese, Polish, Ukrainian, Greek, Hebrew
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Our Offer

Anafnosi E-Reader Device

Choose 200 Books from our Bookstore of your Choice


Normally this package cost

  • $1100 for the books
  • $250 for the device

together $1350.00



How to Order

  1. Choose your preferred books in Anafnosi Bookstore
  2. Send us an Email with the titles
  3. We upload the books
  4. We Ship for FREE to your address

But is not only this

During 12 months starting from the day of purchasing, you can choose 50 books for FREE from our bookstore

Do you have Any Questions? See Our Answers

Which book can I choose

You can choose any book you like from all the categories

How many books can be storage in the devise

With an internal 16 Gb is possible to storage 100.000 books easily

What should I do for upload new books?

Upload new books is really simple when you choose new books we will send to you by email as an attachment the book in pdf/epub and describe how to upload, don’t worry is very easy to upload single books.

50 FREE books, please explain

YES correct, this is an extra gift that we give for FREE, during t12 months from the date of purchasing, you can choose 50 books in our bookstore, we will send to you by email in pdf/epub so you can upload easily in your device

Packaging Details

In the box, you will find,

  • Device
  • User manual
  • USB cable
  • Earphone 
  • Charger

How long do I have to wait until I get the device?

From the day of purchasing, we need 2/3 days to prepare the device and 5 days to upload the books, let’s say 6/7 days until the books are uploaded in the device and ready to be shipped to your address, normally we calculate 12/15 days before you receive,  you will get a tracking number so you can trace the shipping

Any guarantee for the device?

Before we ship any device, we will be testing everything and be sure that your device works as promised, but we give 3 months guarantee if for any reason your device will not work, please contact us if this happens to you.

Similar device are more expansive, why your is so convenient?

We bought a bulk quantity and this is the reason why our device is cheaper, the normal price for a similar device is $250/350

I would like to give as a gift is it possible?

YES is possible, just let us know

  • Receiver name
  • Address/postal code/city/state/country
  • Message

We will prepare a nice package and send to the receiver with your name and message

I'm not sure, I need some more questions

No problem, please click here to contact us any time we love to answer all your questions,