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I’m Marc category manage for Marketing hereby Anafnosi,

I received this book  My Lifestyle as an Internet Marketer and after reading I was astonished, I didn’t know that a marketer could have a totally different lifestyle as common peoples and so many different habits, I know this category well and also I try to make some money with the help of some customers/authors and to be honest I succeed as well but it needs a lot of understanding and knowledge to be a real professional like Mario, I spoke with him a couple of time and he says that to succeed to be a professional, first you have to change your way of thinking, change the mentality and focus pragmatically to numbers, because everything is checking, control and analyze which required to know where to do that and how to be smart enough to understand immediately if some business can have success or what to do to change,

Mario also told me that, to be a professional marketer you need to choose one niche preferably the ones you know best,  and don’t see too many youtube video because all the peoples who know much better than the other, try to sell you a course for $200 and up and they make money like this, but don’t spend to much of  your time and do not  diverge too much otherwise you will lose your path and everything will finally convert into confusion,

I understood that to be a professional marketer is need first to understand the business, having a small capital to invest in paid traffic and stay alert to get the right traffic, because as I understood everything is beautf=iful and everybody shows how to make money online, but nobody or a few do really talk that the traffic is the most important issue in this business.

Give me a comment if you agreed or you have some others suggestion

If you want to read Mario book you can do by clicking here

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