The act, the way of deceiving, the means or words with which it deceives: to use the i., to use the i., to resort to an convince with carp with the i. someone’s good faith; a person who is false and full of deception; a compassionate i., which is used for a good purpose. I. war, war stratagem, consisting mainly in a particular use of war instruments or in a special application of the rules of warfare (such as false fugues or ambushes) in order to mislead the opponent and then place him in inferior conditions it is considered lawful as long as it does not violate international rules of behavior); the. electronic, electronic warfare countermeasure constituted, in the case of anti-missile naval defense, by a kind of false target artificially reproduced at a distance from a ship subjected to attack: it consists of several devices (launched with rockets and equipped with parachutes) capable of emitting radiation electromagnetic equal to those of the various onboard devices, and often associated with the chaffs to increase the probability that the missile’s driving sensors are misled, causing the device to deviate from its trajectory on the ship. b. False opinion, the error of assessment, illusion: to draw, to induce, to fall into deception; it is one of the senses; I became too late for my Amor, of our last deception life, to abandon you (Leopardi); the loving illusions of love; optical, son. of optical illusions. In music, the cadence of deception, a particular type of cadence, in which the dominant chord resolves on the degree rather than on avoiding the perfect cadence (for example, in the C major tone there is a cadence of deception when the major chord resolves in the minor rather than in C major). Name that was given to a particular type of drawings,

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